Welcome to the Ignoramus Abuse TV website.

This website is dedicated to exposing the severe maltreatment and abuse suffered by an innocent individual at the hands of Ingeus (UK) Ltd., a purported provider of the Department for Work and Pensions’ Work Programme. The site is also dedicated to tirelessly campaigning for a better deal for Work Programme attendees, and to providing somewhere for people to turn who are being maltreated on the Work Programme.

The Case of Andrew Wardle

It is admitted that the case of Andrew Wardle may be an exception, rather than the rule. However, the maltreatment to which Mr. Wardle was subjected, and is still being subjected despite taking appropriate legal action, is of such an horrific nature that it must ring alarm bells for anyone with any interest in unemployed people or the way they are treated.

Ignoramus Abuse.org

This site is a continuation of the site at http://www.ignoramus-abuse,org/, which is the original site set up by Andrew Wardle to expose the corruption and criminal activity of the Ingeus (UK) executive office in July 2015.

On February 19th 2016, two employees of Ingeus (UK) Ltd., one a junior staff member from the Northampton office who has been harassing and terrorising Andrew Wardle since 2013, and one a corrupt lawyer from the London head office, made blatantly false statements to law enforcement officers, in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

As a result, officers of Northamptonshire Police smashed Mr. Wardle’s door in at 1:18am on 18th April 2016, and held Mr. Wardle in a cell for 21 hours. When Mr. Wardle was questioned, officers immediately became aware of the falsehood of the statements, and Mr. Wardle was released.

It is obviously necessary to leave the original website unchanged, so that investigating officers and the courts can verify the full extent of the crime committed by Ingeus (UK) Ltd and its operatives. Therefore, this website has been set up as an addendum to the original, to allow the work of reporting and exposing these activities to continue.

Legal Action

Andrew Wardle is continuing with his legal action against Ingeus (UK) Ltd., despite the criminal attempt by the defendant to pervert the course of justice not only in the criminal justice system, but in the civil also. The false statements were timed to be be submitted just before an interlocutory hearing scheduled for 5th April 2016, in the hope that Mr. Wardle would either be incarcerated at the time of the hearing, or be too shocked and weakened to be able to defend himself.

In the event, the hearing was vacated, and is now scheduled for 13th December 2016.

Ignoramus Abuse TV

The criminal and tortious activities of Ingeus (UK) Ltd will now also be exposed on a forthcoming YouTube channel, Ignoramus Abuse TV. It is absolutely necessary that the public are made aware of how their tax contributions are being misused through the abuse of a government programme by a corrupt and sadistic private company which is in theory answerable to no-one. Even BBC current affairs journalists have shown an interest in the original site, so now is the time to push the publicity machine to the fullest possible amplitude.

Videos published on the new channel will be embedded on this site. Any liking, sharing, or other promotion of the videos would be greatly appreciated. It may just make the difference between an innocent victim getting justice, and getting absolutely nothing. It may also help another unemployed person avoid the type of torment and sadistic violation which Andrew Wardle has had to endure.

Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer and the rest of the scum at Ignoramus head office are put on notice that if ANY unlawful attempt is made to interfere with the operation of this channel, including the submission of defamatory imputations to Google, Inc., appropriate legal action WILL be taken.

VIA Support Group

I am also setting up the Victims of Ignoramus Abuse support group, for the benefit of anyone who is currently suffering maltreatment at the hands of Ingeus (UK) Ltd. As this is a new project, the service will initially be offered by private email. If demand becomes high enough, I may set up a forum script on this site. If I do, any forum will be strictly private and held behind a password-protected area. Members will have to convince me that they are genuine victims and not Ignoramus employees looking to cause trouble before they gain access.

If you are interested in joining VIA, please send me a message through the contact form. If you are someone who feels they can offer help or support to anyone being abused by Ingeus (UK) Ltd then please contact me also.

Obviously, I can only offer a limited degree of practical help, and certainly no professional advice. I might just be able to help you avoid a situation which will drag on for years and result in legal action, even though I obviously wasn’t able to do this in my own case.

Power in Numbers

Ingeus (UK) Ltd is able to terrorise and abuse people with impunity due to every single number being on their side. They have paid staff, we don’t. Any time we have to spend writing out complaint forms and legal papers is time we have to pay for. They are carrying out government work, albeit in an extremely underhanded and corrupt manner which is entirely against governmental interests, and therefore it is virtually impossible to get any regulator to rule against them no matter how gross their actions. When it does go to court, they can spend insane amounts of money on lawyers, all at the taxpayer’s expense, while we have to do our own research and fight our own case.

The only way we can hope to fight back is by having significant numbers of legal cases against Ignoramus. Sawyer and his cronies responded to my Work Programme difficulties by misappropriating tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands in the future) of pounds of money which originally came from the taxpayer, instead of simply addressing my concerns and providing the Work Programme as contracted. The more cases there are, the less likely it is that Ingeus (UK) Ltd will be able to sustain such ridiculous levels of expense just to harm innocent people.

Please note that I am not advocating the creation of bogus or dodgy claims. Only genuine cases, please. But, it is hard to believe that I am the only one who has been abused and maltreated to such an extent that I have a cast-iron case to bring legal proceedings. There must be other people out there being terrorised in a similar way, and we will have a better chance standing together than standing alone. Please contact me.


I have lived through four years of pure hell through no fault of my own. All I ever wanted was to be provided with appropriate work-related support and helped to find a way to a productive future. What I got instead was terrorism.

Now, as a result of trying to fight for justice, I have had to suffer a great deal more injustice. My property has been vandalised, I have been falsely imprisoned, I have had to waste even more time preparing legal cases against three more defendants who have senselessly become involved in this case, and I have still not received a single penny in compensation for anything I have lived through.

The only thing which is keeping me above ground is the knowledge that I can still fight these scum. They are totally unfit to be carrying out work on behalf of government, and consequently on behalf of the public. Ingeus (UK) Ltd must be taken down and destroyed, and the politicians need to think again about the wisdom of outsourcing work which can only be carried out by the public sector to greed-crazed private companies. I have the scars to prove it doesn’t work.

I will stand firm for as long as I have a breath left in my body.

Andrew Wardle,
Victim of Ignoramus Abuse,